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Masha and the Firebird

Winner of the English Association 4-11 Awards 1999 Keystage 2 Fiction 

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Masha and the Firebird is illustrated by the amazing Anne Wilson.

Her website is

It is published by Alanna Max. 

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Baba Yaga the witch

Inspired by Russian Fairytales

I borrowed two traditional Russian fairytale characters for my story:

The Firebird can be found in the tale The Firebird and also in Prince Ivan.

Baba Yaga - the Russian witch who dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs. 

You will find her in the tale Vasilissa the Beautiful

Painted Eggs

Masha and the Firebird  is inspired by the Russian / Eastern European tradition of painting eggs.

I recently painted a new set of eggs for my storytelling sessions.

Eggs of the four elements

Look what you have done with my book!

Firebird poem in CRYILLIC


You will recognise most of the plants and creatures in the book, but incase you are wondering what lichen is I can tell you it is  a plant like organism that grows on rocks and trees. They can be over 8,000 years old 

Russian Alphabet 

Masha and the Firebird  is set in Russia, where they use the Cyrillic Alphabet . Here is the Song of the Eggs of the Four elements , written in Russian, translated from the English by Michael Sarni


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 Firebird mask

 Follow up activities

 Baba Yaga Wanted poster

 egg template

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