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Cypress Dragons 2019-2020


Lower School

Eggs of Fire from Year 1

Eggs of Water

Baba Yaga Wanted posters

After School 

Margaret held a workshop for Cypress families called ‘Tablecloth Stories’. This focussed on families storytelling together and recording their stories on paper tablecloths through drawings and writing. The hall was alive with the most imaginative stories

Upper School


Year 6

As part of Black History Month, we have been studying Maya Angelou and her poem, ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’. The children worked with Margaret to create their own versions of the poem, inspired by Maya Angelou, their own life experiences and lessons in resilience

Year 4

 Year 4 imagined what it would be like to be walking through the snowy forest and feeling the wolf staring at us.  Margaret showed us how to slow our action in our story down and how to create a contrast between the fun in the snow and the appearance of the wolf.