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Lao Lao  of Dragon Mountain cover
Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain

Illustrated by Francesca Pelizzoli,

Chinese text by Manyee Wan, 

Paper cuts by Sha-Liu Qu,  

Consultant: Jessie Lim

Published by Alanna Max

​The old woman, Lao Lao, makes simple papercuts, but the greedy emperor hears about them and has her imprisoned in a tower, not realising there’s a dragon watching nearby…

Delicate artwork provides a perfect backdrop for this beautiful story set in China.
Features the full story in Chinese script alongside the English;
Lao Lao uses her craft to solve her problems – templates and instructions are included at the back to inspire children to try the craft for themselves.

ISBN: 978-1-907825-14-9    Hardback: £11.99
ISBN: 978-1-907825-187 Paperback: £6.99

Masha and the Firebird cover
Masha and the Firebird
Illustrated by Anne Wilson,
Russian poem text by Michael Sarni
Published by Alanna Max

The Firebird asks a little girl, Masha, to help hide her eggs from the witch, Baba Yaga. Masha paints them to match the four elements – earth, water, air and fire – but has to do even more when Baba Yaga gets her hands on the last one…
Magical artwork enhances this beautiful story set in Russia.
Features poetry in Russian Cyrillic script alongside the English;
Masha uses her craft to solve her problems – templates and instructions are included at the back to inspire children to try the craft for themselves. 

ISBN: 978-1-907825-15-6    Hardback: £11.99
ISBN: 978-1-907825-194 Paperback: £6.99

Leah's Star cover
Leah's Star
Illustrated by Karin Littlewood
published by Alanna Max

Bethlehem has never been so busy! Leah, the innkeeper's daughter businessman off her feet. Then in the starlight miracles begin. This beautiful, fresh new telling of the Nativity story, through the eyes of a young girl, brings wonderful humanity to this familiar tale. With a story as ancient and familiar as the Nativity, it's easy to forget the human drama at its centre a young woman about to give birth for the first time, far away from home, her mother and the women who would usually help her; the older Joseph, concerned for his young wife. By telling the story through the eyes of young Leah, Margaret Bateson-Hill allows the reader to see the humanity of the ancient story.

ISBN: 9781907825255 Hardback £12.99

First Flight: Dragon Racer cover
Dragon Racer: First Flight
Cover Art by Fred Gambino
Published by Catnip Publishing Ltd 
This book follows the story of a girl named Joanna and her best friend who happens to be a dragon called Flying Excelsior. Joanna’s normal mundane life of household chores and doing her homework gets turned on its head when, she becomes the youngest dragon flyer in the country. Along with the glamour and the glory, comes envy from her competitors eager to see her fail. Terrible danger ensues and she will need all of her skills and a great deal of help from her best friend to survive. An out of this world-exciting story about friendship and loyalty. 

ISBN: 9781846471650 
Legacy of fire: Dragon Racer cover
Dragon Racer: Legacy of Fire
Cover Art by Fred Gambino
Published by Catnip Publishing Ltd 
Joanna is the new owner of the Brixton Dragon Caves. What could be better? But Arch-rival Marius King has been plotting revenge on the dragon-racing world from prison and he's ready to unleash his plan. Joanna must put aside her differences with the rest of the team if she wants to save her beloved Excelsior...
Feisty hero Joanna leads a diverse cast in this wonderful adventure - action divided between the Brixton caves in London, Brighton and Wales.

ISBN: 978-1846471216

Silver Flame: Dragon Racer cover
Dragon Racer: The Silver Flame
Cover Art by Fred Gambino
Published by Catnip Publishing Ltd 
The third and final in the Dragon Racer series, following JoJo and her racing dragon (and best friend) Excelsior.
World champions Joanna and her racing dragon Excelsior are at the top of their game and the dragon-racing world is looking to a bright future after the frightening events of last year. But strange and troubling things start happening. Joanna can sense dragons in pain, dragons being hidden away, dragons with dark secrets . . . Uncovering the truth will put Jo and Excelsior in danger of their lives can they fight to survive?


ISBN: 978-1846471742

Five Little Ducks cover
Five Little Ducks Went out One Day
Consultant Anna McQuinn, 
illustrated by Roberta Angeletti
Published by Ragged Bear

​Everybody knows and loves this traditional rhyme about 5 intrepid ducks who head off into the hills for adventure. But what happens to them whilst they are away? And why have they gone? Just lift the flaps and find out in this new and endearing interpretation by Margaret Bateson-Hill and Roberta Angeletti. This wonderful picture book is highly interactive, perfect for use in nursery and pre-school. Moreover it helps to promote counting and observational skills and now comes with a CD of nursery rhymes.

This Little Piggy cover
This Little Piggy went to Market
Consultant Anna McQuinn, 
Illustrated by Roberta Angeletti
Published by Ragged Bear
This Little Piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none. And so goes the wonderful much loved nursery rhyme now brought to life in this new colourful novelty picture book. Count five little piggies on your fingers and toes. Lift the flaps and find out what each busy little piggy is up to - whether it's shopping, cleaning, cooking, painting - or coming back home to a special surprise. Perfect for use in nursery and pre-school, interactive, and suitable for early observational skills.

ISBN-13: 978-1857143966