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Museum of the Order of St John  

St John's Gate

26 St John's Lane



 Free Family Activities

Paint Naturally - Wednesday  3rd August 2022 1:30pm-2:30pm
I will be telling stories inspired by colour, dyes, paint and pictures


Make your own paints and dyes from natural ingredients to create beautiful pictures and letters.

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Beeswax Candle Making - Wednesday 17th August 2022 1:30-2:30pm

I will be telling stories inspired by bees, honey and wax.


Then  create your own beeswax candle made from all natural ingredients and learn about why bees are so important.

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Brent Libraries
Summer Reading Challenge Activities


Wind Power!

Be blown away by the power of the wind in a selection of tales from around the world,

then harness that power for yourself by making your own windmill and fan to take home.

16 Aug

Kingsbury -11.30 – 1pm

Wembley – 2.30 – 4pm

19 Aug

Willesden Green 2.30 – 4pm

Water power!

Sail the high seas and dive to the depths of the ocean to hear tales of one of

life's essentials - water. Then use paper technology to fold a boat of your own and

and your own shoal of fish!

18 Aug

Ealing Rd  - 2.30 – 4pm

23 Aug

Willesden Green 2.30 – 4pm