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Margaret Bateson-Hill storytelling
Tall Tales Big Moves  the Big Wave from Sea Story. Photo by Stephen Wright


I was born and grew up in Blackpool, Lancashire. At university I studied Drama and English, going on to run drama workshops for children.


I live in Brixton in South East London, one of the cross-roads of our world where many cultures and peoples meet and an ideal place from which to travel into the world of story.


I have not always wanted to be a writer; in fact at school I wasn't very good at writing stories,  I much preferred acting them out. My sisters and I used to act out stories that we'd made up. We would include songs as well.

My dad used to tell me stories every night. Either he would read one or make one up.

I also remember reading hundreds of fairytales as a child - all the Andrew Lang colour book  fairy tales, Grimms, Hans Christian Anderson.

As well as being an author I tell stories in schools, libraries and many of our museums including Kensington Palace,  the V&A, the British Museum, the Foundling Museum, Apsley House, the Museum of the Order of St John and the Horniman Museum.

I have worked with various underfives groups across London bringing books, stories and songs to pre-school children and their carers

Did you know?

  • My favourite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast

  • My favourite colours are pink and purple

  • My favourite mythical creature is a dragon

  • I have performed a mermaid rap in front of the queen

  • I can sing very high

  • I am frightened of snakes, but I love to tell snake stories

My hobbies include singing and reading- infact I like to read all the time!

My favourite children's books are The Earthsea Books by Ursula Le Guin - especially good if you are fond of dragons; but I have also really enjoyed the Exodus series by Julie Bertanga - great for Climate change issues,  Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy, both Chaos Walking Trilogy and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and October, October by Katy Balen

At Herne Hill Festival
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