Leah's Star

Here is a heartwarming retelling of the traditional Nativity story. It remains faithful to the gospel accounts but allows us to view them through the eyes of a child. In a deft and utterly convincing conclusion, the reader is drawn into Leah’s belief that the tiny baby in her arms is in fact holding her with unshakeable love.

The wonderful illustrations to Leah's Star  are by Karin Littlewood. I particularly wanted Karin to illustrate this story as she captures the expressions on people's faces so well.

 I also love the colours in Karin's paintings


Two of my earliest photographs as a baby.

Books for Keep's Review November 2008

Rosemary Stones included LEAH in her choice of 10 of the best Christmas Books


 Star Garland.

Write the star words on the stars and then decorate them with glitter and sequins.

Thread them onto a string for a Christmas garland


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