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Easy paper crafts to make and do. Suitable for children of all ages, inspired by my books and stories. With templates to download.

Paperdragon59 Bingo Reading Challenge

 Summer Challenge Book Bingo.jpg

Looking for a  fun reading challenge?

You can download it as a PDF

How to cut a paper flower

Paper dolls

Looking for a fun way to make up characters for your story? Why not download the paper doll template. Fold along the dotted lines and cut out the outline of the person. 

Open it and  you will have three characters  to colour and invent personalities for. If you need more characters for your story, just cut out some more paper dolls.

red riding hood paper dolls

Make a peacock

paper peacock
peacock showing it's beautiful tail

Check out the story of "How the Peacock got his Tail" on my story time page.

Make a paper dragon

paper dragon

Download the template - two dragons will fit on a piece of A4 

You will need thin card or paper to print the template onto

Feltips/ crayons to decorate your dragon

You can also use sequins fabric, glitter...


Glue and or selotape

And A6 piece of thin paper or tissue for the wings cut into an oval (optional) 

Make a crocodile

decorated paper crocodiles
crocodile template

Here you can download the template for the crocodile and the instructions

Make a paper table cloth story

paper story table cloth

Make your own paper table cloth story. Download the pdf to help you plan your story. Paper tablecloths can be bought in pound shops and supermarkets, or why not use lining wallpaper.

Tongue Twisters!

How to make a story chatterbox 

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