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Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain

Lao Lao has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Korean. Above are some of thh different covers.


Lao Lao screen Lao Lao screen

"This is a beautiful  Chinese Tale - new, yet somehow full  of a sense of the traditions of ancient Chinese stories. It works across the currriculum: it reflects the culture of China; offers practical art activities; ideas for work on communication; thoughts about the danger of greed and most importantly a good story in both Chinese and English"

Wendy Cooling

The story is inspired by the Chinese craft of papecutting. Here is the template of the butterfly for you to download and try for yourself.

or try this simple dog

butterfly template


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A gallery of some of my favourite dragons!

Dragon Mask Dragon fact file Word Search for Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain

Download a word search, a dragon factfile or the dragon colouring sheet

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes

Some are so big , people often mistake them for mountains- however some dragons are so small they can fit in your pocket.Try looking for one in your purse!

And if you find that one of your socks has gone missing, then you may have a sock dragon living in your house. They only eat one sock out of a pair  and like to live under the bed or in the washing basket - infact any place where they can get hold of your discarded sock!

In my travels I have met pink flower dragons who look after the garden; pop star dragons who drive around in stretch limos; even footballing dragons with hairy legs and stripey socks-  they like to sleep on the cross bar.

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Look what flew in from Moscow - thank you to the Cambridge International School.

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