Leah's Star will be out in October

Illustrator: Karin Littlewood

Editor: Anna McQuinn


Have you ever wondered what those five little duck did when they went out over the hills and faraway?

Lift the flap to find  out

And as for the piggies- why are they so busy?

Find them on every page.

ducks high res piggy


Shota and the Star Quilt and Chanda and the Mirror of Moonlight are currently unavaiable, but I have a few copies left if you require one urgently

Dr title

The Dragon Racer series is published by Catnip Publishing

Visit the Dragon Racer website


for photos, craft ideas and more inside info on Joanna, Excelsior and the dragon racing world

World Book Day 2012 049 World Book Day 2012 050

Congratulations to Jasmine and her mum for her amazing JoJo

racing outfit that she wore on World Book Day!

My Books

Each story celebrates a craft that is traditional to the country of the story.

You can also see the language spoken in that particular culture: Chinese, Lakota, Russian and Hindi

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Here I am reading from the final book in the trilogy, The Silver Flame, at my book launch at Dulwich Books

A general introduction to my books. Please go to the drop down menu on 'Books' for individual pages

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