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Paint Box Spring

By Margaret Bateson-Hill, Mar 20 2017 08:27PM

A spring poem to celebrate the spring equinox! I wrote this poem last year as part of my 'Author in Residence' sessions at Christ Church Battersea. I remember seeing the first signs of green appearing and thinking it was as though someone had taken a paintbrush and flicked paint around.

Paintbox Spring

Daub bare branches with flecks of lime green,

Speckle woods in violet and mauve.

Paint carpets of flowers in pink and soft lemon,

Splash rivers and streams in pale blues.

Dot dark hills with white woolly lambs.

And stipple the fields green and brown.

Dapple the sky in silver and azure;

- Don’t forget the circle of gold.

Then streak the land with gentle grey rain

And brush in a rainbow of colour.

By Margaret Bateson-Hill 2016

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